Acoustik Sound Rooms

Sound Booths - Portable'ish

TLS Sound Labs offers pre-boxed sound booth solutions as well as custom made sound rooms to fit the specs that your clinic requires. This product page has three sound booth solutions from Acoustik, which range from small to medium in size and can be portable with casters added to them if you require easy mobility.

The AC-12 and AC-66 sound booths will need to be assembled on site via a professional team (we offer installation services), but the AC-300 does ship fully assembled. The AC-300 is very heavy and will require 2-3 adults to lift it off its freight pallet and into your desired position. For this reason, we do offer a professional installation option for the AC-300 as well, but it's not required.

All three of these sound booths ship via freight and will need custom quotes to your location so please contact your account manager to get a freight shipping quote. Installation costs shown are for medium to large cities, install cost may be higher in rural areas.


Call (855) 693-2771 or email for a quote on freight. The AC-300 does not require professional install as it ships fully built. Installation option is for a team to unpack and move into position due to its heavy weight.

Sound Booth Model Outside Dimension Booth Price Install Cost
Acoustik AC-300 31" W x 41" L x 78.5" H $9,999.99
Acoustik AC-12 63" W x 52" L x 78.5" H $15,999.99 $5,200.00
Acoustik AC-66 85" W x 85" L x 78.5" H $19,999.99 $5,800.00


Large or Custom Sound Rooms:

If you need a larger sound booth or would like a custom built sound room for your clinic, please contact your account manager for a quote.



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