We strive to produce the highest quality and best fitting custom earmolds, earplugs, and custom IEM adapters. To make the best possible custom ear products we need to start with a complete and accurate, deep ear canal impression. Sending the best impression will help avoid remakes and order delays. Please make sure the canal length is to or past the second bend (when possible), the concha bowl and helix areas are complete and without voids, and the tragus has been covered. Incomplete or inaccurate impressions may require a new impression to be sent before production will begin. Our free remake policy does not apply when bad impressions or scans are sent in with an order so please take extra care and get them done right the first time.

TLS Sound Labs offers a 90-day, free remake period for comfort, retention, and feedback or seal issues. For minor issues that can be addressed by modifying the existing molds, first submit a remake request through our web portal. Please be specific with your requested change, email or attach pictures to the remake request if possible (pictures can be attached in the "Attach Scans or Files Here" section), and ship the product back with a printed copy of the online remake confirmation.

If the problem is more substantial and may require a complete remake or redesign of the molds, there's no need to send the originals back. Simply submit a remake request through our web portal with specific information explaining the requested changes as well as pictures of the issue if possible (pictures can be attached in the "Attach Scans or Files Here" section).

Changing the earmold style, color, vent size or material will not be covered by our remake policy. We do not provide free remakes due to incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate information on the paper order form or online order submission. Free remakes are not available due to incomplete impressions with missing material in key areas like the canal, concha bowl, helix, etc. If an impression is incomplete we will attempt to contact the ordering provider prior to moving forward with production of the order. If we ask for new impressions due to short canal depth or incomplete or bad impressions and the ordering provider chooses to move forward with production using the impressions in question, our remake policy will not apply. Shipping fees apply to remake orders.

Pediatric Remakes: Due to the rapid change in physical body size and growth for pediatric patient's ear molds, our remake policy for pediatric ear molds is limited to 45 days from shipment date of original order. All normal remake policies listed above apply to pediatric remakes except for the timing highlighted in this paragraph.

1 Year Warranty:
All of our custom products include a one-year warranty for material defects. Simply start a warranty defect claim on our web portal or contact your sales rep and at our sole discretion, we'll produce a duplicate product at no charge within one year from the shipping date of the original order (remakes do not reset the one year time frame). Pictures and descriptions might be required to determine the cause of the material defect. In some cases, we’ll request the earmold(s) or earplug(s) to be shipped to our lab for further inspection. Shipping fees apply to all warranty claims.

Loss and Damage Insurance:
If you add L&D coverage to any of our custom products, we will replace the individual side or set that is lost or damaged, one time, for free within the coverage term of one year which starts from the original ship date (remakes do not reset the one year time frame). L&D coverage must be added prior to the order shipping from our Lab and requires an additional charge up front, there is no deductible upon claim. You may submit a claim on our web portal or through your sales rep.

Custom Part Design Services:
TLS Sound Labs offers custom part design services for any current provider, (a current provider is any business that has ordered at least one product from TLS Sound Labs within three months of requesting custom part design). Part design services include, but may not be limited to custom IEM reverse engineering for silicone sleeve adaptation or custom parts that are designed and manufactured in-house by TLS Sound Labs.

Custom IEM engineering typically takes between one to two weeks to complete. Custom part design typically takes four to six weeks to complete. Custom IEM engineering is usually for the purpose of taking an off-the-shelf product or professional product and adapting a CAD (computer aided design) model to fit into a custom silicone or acrylic sleeve for an individual's ears. This process involves reverse engineering the body of the IEM in order to fit snugly into the custom sleeve adapter for an individuals ear(s). TLS Sound Labs does not charge a fee for this service when it is accompanied with an order for a custom IEM Sleeve adapter, also known as a IEM Adapter.

Custom Part design is offered for small scale production parts (typically in quantities lower than 1000 units) such as, but not limited to, pilot boom mic holders, filter or membrane holders, bte tube adapters, etc. There are two options for custom part design services, one option is offered at no charge to the client upfront, but does require a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of ten units or more upon completion of the design, paid for with the standard invoicing net 30 terms. Custom parts may be ordered in quantities of one or more at the price set by TLS Sound Labs after the initial MOQ of ten is completed. TLS Sound Labs will design, prototype, and manufacture each part in-house. There is no exclusivity offered to any client for this pricing model. TLS Sound Labs reserves the right to offer and sell the custom parts designed under this policy to any client they choose.

The second option for custom part design is at an hourly rate of $250 per hour with a minimum hourly charge of five hours. An upfront payment for this service is required at a total of $1,250.00. After the first five hours of design and prototyping service has been exhausted, TLS Sound Labs will bill weekly at a rate of $250 per hour and payments are due upon billing. If bills are not paid in a timely manner TLS Sound Labs will cease design services until balances are paid in full. Once the final design is approved by the client and all balances are paid in full, the client is able to order the custom designed part in quantities of one or more and billed on their standard invoicing terms of net 30. Custom parts designed under an hourly rate will be exclusive to the client that paid for the hourly design service and will not be offered on TLS Sound Labs website for general client consumption so long as the ordering client is continuing to order the custom part at least once every three months. If the original ordering client does not order at least one custom part within any three month period, TLS Sound Labs reserves the right to offer that custom part to the general client ordering population with no limitation or exclusivity to any client.

TLS Sound Labs retains all design files as its own property, and no client will retain any rights what so ever to any custom parts designed and/or prototypes by TLS Sound Labs. By requesting TLS Sound Labs to custom design a part or parts, the client agrees to these terms. TLS Sound Labs reserves the right to change the pricing structure of any part it manufactures at anytime without notice.

 TLS Sound Labs claims no exclusivity to the individual's ear impression.

Return/Credit Policy:
Due to the nature of our manufacturing process, custom products are not returnable for credit or refund. All sales are final for all of our products and services. These terms apply to any provider ordering products from TLS Sound Labs regardless if the provider places the order from the website or with a paper order form. TLS Sound Labs reserves the right to add, delete, or change these terms at anytime without prior notice.