We strive to produce the highest quality and best fitting custom earmolds. To make the best possible earmolds, we need to start with a complete, accurate and deep ear impression. Sending the best impression will help avoid remakes and order delays. Please make sure the canal length is to or past the second bend, the concha bowl and helix areas are complete and without voids, and the tragus has been covered. Incomplete or inaccurate impressions may require a new impression to be sent to us before production will begin. Impressions are always scanned upon receipt and scans are kept on file for 3 years.

TLS Sound Labs offers a 90-day, free remake period for comfort, retention, and feedback or seal issues. For minor issues that can be addressed by modifying the existing molds, you may ship them back and we'll fix them with a 48 hour turn around at no charge. If the problem is more substantial and may require a complete remake of the molds, there's no need to send the originals back. Simply submit a remake request through our web portal or send an order form with specific information explaining the requested changes to your sales rep and we’ll remake a new mold at no charge. Changing the earmold style, color, vent size or material will not be covered by our remake policy. We do not provide free remakes due to incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate information on the order form, or due to incomplete impressions. Shipping fees apply to remake orders.

1 Year Warranty:
All of our custom products include a one-year warranty for material defects. Simply start a warranty defect claim on our web portal or contact your sales rep and we'll produce a duplicate product at no charge any time within the first year. Pictures and descriptions might be required to determine the cause of the material defect. In some cases, we’ll request the earmold(s) or earplug(s) to be shipped to our lab for further inspection. Shipping fees apply to all warranty claims.

Loss and Damage Insurance:
If you add L&D coverage to any of our custom products, we will replace the individual side or set that is lost or damaged, one time, for free within the coverage term of one year. L&D coverage must be added prior to the order shipping from our Lab and requires an additional charge up front, there is no deductible upon claim. You may submit a claim on our web portal or through your sales rep.

Return/Credit Policy:
Due to the nature of our manufacturing process, custom products are not returnable for credit or refund.