Natus Otoscan

Natus Otoscan 3D Scanner


TLS Sound Labs now accepting Otoscan 3D Ear Scans!
TLS Sound Labs is pleased to announce that we are now officially in the Natus Otoscan database and ready to accept scans through their portal. Simply select TLS Sound Labs from the drop down of available earmold labs in their portal once you've completed an ear scan. When you're placing an order at select the Otoscan option in the "Impression Type" section of the product page and you're all set!

Benefits of Digital Impressions and Streamlined processes
One of the best benefits of ear scanning with an Otoscan is building a database of your client's ear scans for future orders, remakes or reorders, and the ability to use the same scan for multiple factories when needed (earplugs/earmolds from TLS Sound Labs and hearing aids from the factory). Otoscan streamlines the process of ordering and producing custom ear products, saving time and money. This isn't just a wow factor technology, although it is that as well, it's a practical and useful tool in the modern clinic.

Here are some benefits that we see in our Hearing Aid Centers as well as in our Lab:
    - Additional opportunity for billing and revenue generation
    - Be a local leader in technology vs your competitors
    - Save time and money on handling earmolds and hearing aids
    - Secure digital patient records for easy storage, retrieval and use
    - Most modern Labs prefer digital impressions as they are accurate and save time
    - Ensure a better fit and reduce remakes and returns
    - Easy to learn how to scan for new and existing staff
    - Enjoy a cleaner procedure

If you have any questions about the Natus Otoscan or to set up a demo, please visit Ototscan - 3D Ear Scanning Solution | Natus. If you want to learn about the benefits of ear scanning / impression scans vs traditional impressions, contact us at (855) 693-2771 or email us at