Ultrasonic Cleaner 3L

TLS Sound Labs offers a few versions of ultrasonic cleaners for Audiology Clinics, ENT Clinics, and Hearing Aid Centers. Our best mid-size three liter ultrasonic cleaner is a great value and true workhorse for your lab. Equipped with multiple timer options and a robust frame, this might be the last ultrasonic cleaner you buy! 

The tank size for our mid-sized ultrasonic cleaner is 9.5"×5.5"×4"H, which will contain a maximum of three liters of liquid. The tank is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 0.04 inches (1mm), which adds to the long lasting durability of this ultrasonic cleaner. Equipped with a stainless steel basket allows you to easily insert and remove ear molds, tools, parts, etc. for your cleaning lab.

We utilize multiple ultrasonic cleaners in our cleaning labs in order to properly clean tools separately from ear molds and hearing aid parts, which is why we offer tiered discounts for two or more units on the same order. Contact us to learn more or if you'd like to order more than six units on the same invoice.


For orders larger than six units, please email your inside sales rep or contact us here to explain what your needs are.


- Temperature setting range: 20-80℃
- Time setting range: 1 - 30 minutes
- Ultrasonic Cleaner Power: 100w
- Heating power: 120w
- Capacity: 3 liters

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