Custom is better!

The biggest complaint we hear about over-the-counter ear protection products (earplugs) and in-ear monitors (custom earphones) is "They just don't fit comfortably." This is because ear canals are like people, they're all unique! At The Listening Stack all of our products are custom molded to your ear canal, improving the consistency of their seal and making them extremely comfortable to wear. 

We believe that if your custom products are easy to use, work well, and fit comfortably, then you're much more likely to wear them! And when you're protecting your ears, enhancing your music, or improving your comfort, life is just that much better!

If you're not happy with the fit & finish, check out our 60 Day Best Fit Guarantee!

Unparalleled Comfort

There are many devices we use today that perform incredible tasks to make our day to day life a little easier and more enjoyable. However, for reasons unknown to us, we still use off the shelf, poor quality earphones to talk on the phone, listen to music, and view media from our mobile devices. WHY!?

Don't you want to listen to your music at the highest quality possible? Well now you can! The Listening Stack offers a huge selection of Custom Molded Audiophile Earphones, Custom Earbud Adapters, Custom Bluetooth Earbuds, Custom Waterproof Earphones, and Custom In-Ear Stage Monitors for musicians. Whatever your lifestyle demands, we have the custom made audio products for you!

Have a snoring spouse keeping you up at night? Try our custom molded sleep earplugs!

Want to protect your ears from cold, bacteria filled water from entering your ear canal? Our custom molded surf earplugs will work!

Not satisfied with an off-the-shelf earbud for phone calls or music? Experience one of our custom molded earphones to find out how your music is supposed to sound!

Regardless of the lifestyle you choose, we're confident that we have a custom molded product that will enhance your auditory experience. If you're not 100% satisfied with your product simply send us back the custom molds and we'll issue a full refund right away!