Inventis Piano

The Inventis Piano is an advanced clinical audiometer with two separate and independent channels allowing for multiple configurations. Whether you operate a single location clinic or large multi-provider clinic, Piano features a complete series of tests, all easily managed via a wide touch screen color display. High-end features, supreme flexibility and extreme simplicity of use make Piano the ideal choice for clinics and hospitals.

If you are looking for pediatric systems, the wireless animated VRA/COR system provides continuous child friendly animations at the push of a button. Contact your account manager for prices.

Piano is available in three configurations to suit different user needs: Basic, Plus and Plus VRA. The three models differ in terms of the number of tests provided.

Piano Basic provides manual and automated pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry, as well as ABLB, Tone Decay, SISI, Difference Limen Intensity (DLI), Monaural Loudness Balancing (MLB), Stenger tests, Ten Test, QuickSIN™ (opt.) and includes a 2 channels Master Hearing Aid.

Plus model offers all the features of the Basic, plus Multi Frequency, High Frequency, Bekesy and Masking Level Difference (MLD).

Piano Plus VRA also features pediatric audiometry capabilities. It can control up to three animated toys connected to the audiometer and up to three LCD displays showing animations and images for video-based visual reinforcement (requires a PC with the software Maestro)

Piano features an integrated 4 GB flash memory for storing your speech material. Dedicated buttons allow you to access word lists with ease. The screen also displays the word currently being pronounced.

Simply connect Piano to a USB port on your computer (no driver needed), and you can transfer exam results into Maestro or Noah database. With the live view feature, you can have a wide view of the examination in progress on the computer display.

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