Etymotic ER-3C Insert Earphones

The Etymotic ER-3C Earphones are basically updated and improved on the ER-3A inserts and have incorporated "touch-proof" electrical connection for safety. They have a smooth frequency response and provide 30dB of isolation between ears, which reduces the need for masking. Compared to supra-aural headphones, they reduce test/retest variability and eliminate test errors due to collapsed ear canals. They may be calibrated in a 2-cc coupler, occluded ear simulator, or a 0.4-cc coupler.

Available in 10 Ohm and 50 Ohm

Package includes:
ER-3C earphones
7’ cable with dual-mono 6.33 mm (1/4andquot;) plugs
20 foam eartips (regular, 13 mm)
20 foam eartips (small, 10 mm)
2 foam eartips (large, 18 mm)
Hook-and-loop neck strap

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