MAXprotect Hunt

Features and SPECS:

Ambient Awareness

The MAXprotect Hunt electronic shooting earplugs amplify the surrounding sounds with a transparency mode, allowing you to hear what's going on around you as well as enabling you to have conversations with others without the need to remove the earplugs.

2-level Adjustable Ambient Gain
You may adjust the level of amplification based on your personal preference and the environment you're in with two transparency modes, low and high. You may also turn off amplification and use the MAXprotect Hunt as passive ear plugs. Due to the custom silicone sleeve, your protection and comfort are maximized for all day use.

Protection from Impulse Noise
The MAXprotect Hunt protects your hearing from gunfire, nail guns, dropped hammers, riveting, as well as many more common job site or gun range noises. The device is designed to electronically suppress noise above 85dB using built-in microphone and advanced audio processing. 1ms cut-off latency allows near instant and reliable hearing protection against impulse noises.

IPX4 Sweat-proof Design
The MAXprotect Hunt is designed to withstand sweat and light snow / rain, perfect for outdoor use in hunting, gun range and construction.

All Day Battery Life
The MAXprotect Hunt can operate up to 20-hour of all day use with its charging case. Single charge of the electronic shooting earplugs is good for about 5-hours of continuous operation. Combined with quick-charging, the MAXprotect Hunt is your ideal all-day, electronic shooting earplugs.

Supports Wireless Charging
The MAXprotect Hunt supports wireless charging via Qi-standard wireless chargers. Combined with the quick-charging USB-C port, the MAXprotect Hunt is easy to keep charged and protecting your hearing all day.

  • Impulse compression - 85 dB @ 1 ms
  • Microphone - Omni-directional
  • Transparency gain (high) - 28 dB
  • Transparency gain (low) - 15 dB
  • Battery life (ear plugs) - 5 hours
  • Battery life (w/ case) - 20 hours
  • Charging time (ear plugs) - 1.5 hours
  • Charging time (case) - 1.5 hours
  • Input port - USB-C
  • Wireless charging - Supported
What's Included:
    1 Pair custom MAXprotect Hunt silicone adapters
    1 Pair of Eartune Hunt electronic ear plugs
    1 Eartune Hunt charging case
    1 USB-C charging cable
    1 Zipper case

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