Silicone Earmold Finishing Kit

Over the years we've discovered that a lot of our providers are uncomfortable with grinding, shaping, buffing, or modifying silicone earmolds. When we inquire, most tell us the same things, "I didn't know you could buff/grind silicone earmolds" or "I've never done it" or "My white stone doesn't remove any material." The great news is that it's pretty easy as long as you have a couple inexpensive tools.

We've set up an easy to use silicone earmold finishing kit that includes everything you need to start shaping and modifying your silicone earmolds for comfort, retention, style changes, or any other modification (except addition modifications). All you'll need to do is cut the earmold to the rough size and shape you want, put either the rough sandpaper or smooth sandpaper in your hand wand grinder or desktop dental grinder, and shape away. It's that easy :)

Shaping and modifying in-office is a great way to save time, money, and delay on remakes that just need mild to moderate modifications. If you're unsure how to start once you receive your silicone earmold finishing kit, just call us and we'd be happy to help!

Basic Kit includes:
2 x Grinding Cap Holders, one for rough and one for smooth grit
1x Rough Grinding Cap Sandpaper
1x Smooth Grinding Cap Sandpaper

Advanced Kit Adds:
1 Pair of precision clippers (careful, their sharp!)

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