Mega-Sil Impression Material

Mega-Sil 108E peach impression material is a non-greasy impression material with a medium to thick consistency and final shore value of 30. This is great for adult ear impressions or when a tight seal is required for swim or surf earplugs as well as power and super power ear mold requirements. Mega-Sil is best used when the skin in the ear canal is on the tighter side due to it's consistency, loose skin will bunch up a little bit with Mega-Sil so softer impression material would be recommended if your patient has soft ear canals. Mega-Sil is a two-part bulk silicone impression material.

  •     Supplied in tubs of A & B material with color coded scoops
  •     Cures in 5 minutes
  •     Produces non-greasy impressions
  •     Accurate and stable
  •     Shore A value of 30
  •     Makes approximately 100 impressions
  •     Color: Peach

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