MAXprotect Dual

Building on top of the already amazing MAXprotect earplug, the MAXprotect Dual can change from a solid earplug when the lanyard is plugged into the sound-bore or a filtered earplug when you move the lanyard to the anchor hole. The MAXprotect Dual setup gives you excellent flexibility for job sites, mechanic shops, wood working, sheet metal shops, airplane hangers, yard work, or whatever noise environment you're in.

In a plugged state, the lanyard is plugging the filtered sound-bore to give you the maximum amount of protection capable, simple and effective.

In an unplugged state, the built in noise filter will give you auditory awareness while maintaining good protection levels from damaging sounds.

Receive the best of both worlds from MAXprotect Dual!


  • Flexibility of two earplugs in one, Standard and Filtered
  • Removable lanyard for off/on applications
  • Simple design that will last for a long time




*MAXprotect Dual earplugs do not have an official NRR.

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