smart optics™ duo Scan™ - 3D Impression Scanner

The duo Scan™ by smart optics™ is ideal for quick and reliable ear impression scanning in all your clinics. Tried and true technology and engineering makes the smart optics™ duo Scan™ a great value while reducing your cost and lead time of custom hearing products. Even though the wow factor to a patient is reduced with the design of the duo Scan™ vs. the free Stage™ scanner, it gets the job done reliably and quick.

Where the duo Scan™ really shines is in it's work horse reliability. Use it every day, multiple times a day, and it works every time with very little calibration or software updates. If you're looking to reduce lead times on your custom hearing aid orders, custom ear mold orders, and your specialty products such as custom ear plugs and professional audio solutions, the smart optics™ duo Scan™ is a smart choice!

Contact your sales manager to learn more and start improving your custom lead time and efficiency today!

*limits apply, call for details.

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