MAXprotect Earplugs

Best suited for any environment with excessive noise, our MAXprotect shooting ear plugs are rated at the highest level of in-ear hearing protection for custom earplugs, up to -29 dB*. Some over-the-counter ear plugs boast NRR levels of -33 dB, you'll only get that level of reduction if the ear plugs are inserted to the proper depth and have no gaps or leaks. The likelihood of that happening in the real world is low.


  • Multiple types available, standard, impulse filter, or toggle on/off filter
  • Personalize your color and options (lanyards, name etching, etc.)
  • Maximum comfort over long periods of time (8 plus hours)
  • They won't fall out or leak sound
  • Piece of mind knowing that you have the best protection available!




*MAXprotect earplugs do not have an official NRR as they have not been officially tested, although they are made in a similar manufacturing process and similar or same materials as other rated custom earplugs. Reduction ratings will vary from ear to ear, user to user.

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