Sell more hearing aids by offering earplugs

Sell more hearing aids by offering earplugs

December 18, 2023

We started TLS Sound Labs with the hope of spreading ear protection awareness to our professional colleagues and the general public. When our custom earplug clients come into our hearing aid centers for the first time to get impressions for their new custom earplugs, they often say "I had no idea custom earplugs even existed"

This is, in our belief, the biggest hurdle we have yet to get pass, the acknowledgement that custom earplugs and custom audio products even exist! We have made some progress in this area over the years, but we still have a long way to go. As we've been saying for years, custom earplugs and custom earbuds will benefit your clinic as well as your clients more than you can imagine.

On the consumer side of things, they destroy the universal protection competition in sound isolation, comfort for short or long periods of use time, seal against water and sound, longevity, and so much more. On the professional side, they generate door swings of high quality leads to promote your hearing aid business to their friends and family. This in turn leads to an additional passive source of hearing aid business.

Simply put, more earplug business will lead to more hearing aid business. The founder of The Listening Stack hearing aid centers and of TLS Sound Labs, Justin Stack, was recently interviewed by The Hearing Journal about the success of offering custom earplugs in his hearing aid centers. Read the whole interview here.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like help or advice on how to break into the custom earplug markets, we're happy to help!