• Additional Musician Filters


    Whether you're a musician playing live or a concert fanatic, custom filtered earplugs are a great way to clean up the sound and protect your ears from noise induced damage. Both of the filters described below (Dynamic Ear & Etymotic) work great and have slightly different attenuation levels. We recommend Dynamic Ear filters if you're a new user and Etymotic filters if you've used them in the past. Feel free to email or call us if you have any questions. 

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    Dynamic Ear Filters for Musicians & Concerts

    Dynamic Ear non-linear acoustic filters provide a large open air passage into the ear minimizing the occlusion effect whilst also keeping the ear ventilated for the ultimate user comfort. Dynamic Ear linear acoustic filters use membranes according to our patented membrane technology. The membranes are designed to have the biggest surface in the given form factor. Since the membrane is made of a breathable material, this leads to optimal breathing of the filter, which enables moisture in the ear canal to escape keeping the ear canal cool and providing all day comfort. The advanced membrane is tuned to maintain natural hearing, speech being clearly heard.

    Etymotic Filters for Musicians & Concerts

    Musicians Earplugs™ buttons have a diaphragm which functions as an acoustic compliance, while the volume of air in the sound bore of the custom earmold acts as an acoustic mass. The combination of the two produces a resonance at approximately 2700 Hz (as in the normal ear), which results in smooth, flat attenuation.

    ER-9 Provides flat 9-dB sound reduction through the mid range and 15 dB in the highs

    ER-15 Provides uniform 15-dB sound reduction across frequencies

    ER-25 Provides 25-dB relatively flat sound reduction across frequencies

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