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    The Best Bluetooth Earbuds for under $250!

    What do you get when you pair an awesome set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a custom silicone mold? The best sounding, most comfortable Bluetooth earbuds for under 250 bucks!

    The reason why our version of the JAM Ultra Bluetooth Earbuds are better than any other wireless Bluetooth earbuds has to do with our custom molding process. We only accept the best deep ear canal impressions (find out how to have some made here) from our national network of providers to make your customized set of Bluetooth earbuds the best. Our silicone earbud adapters will ensure a comfortable fit while providing a tight seal for the best acoustics possible. If you're not completely satisfied with the upgraded quality and amazing comfort of our Bluetooth earbuds then send them back and we'll refund 100% of the purchase price!

    Already have a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that you love? Awesome, let us make them even better with custom adapters! Find out how here.

    JAM Ultra Features:

    Truly Wireless - Absolutely no wires
    Bluetooth 4.1 - Low energy Bluetooth
    Hands-Free Calling - Answer with one touch
    Rechargeable - Up to 3 hours usage on a single charge
    Charging Case - Up to 10 full charges stored. You can also charge your phone from the case USB port

    TLS Sound Labs added benefits and features:

    Incredibly Comfortable - Even if you have small or odd shaped ears, our custom molds will fit perfectly
    Improved Sound Quality - Nothing beats the sound quality that custom molds deliver
    Incredible retention - They won't fall out, feel loose, or move around

    Please read the terms and conditions prior to completing your purchase. Earplug size and colors shown in pictures may not be available for every earplug. Please use the colors in the drop down box to select from the colors available.