Ordering custom made devices requires ear impressions to be made of your ear canal by a local licensed professional in your area. Here's how the process works.


In order to make a custom fit device to your ear canal we need an ear impression made. This is essentially a cast of your ear canal. The instructions are below, but please feel free to email us with any questions you might have. Email: info@listeningstack.com

* Ear impressions can only be made by a professional hearing aid dispenser or Audiologist currently licensed in your state (verify their license at your state's hearing aid dispensing bureau or consumer affairs bureau).



First you will have to call around to local hearing aid centers and Audiology clinics and find out which ones will take a deep ear canal impression that you can take with you (leave their store with). The cost should range from $40 - $60 for left and right ear impressions. 



Once you find a provider please print out the instructions below and hand them to your provider once your appointment is in progress. We need your impression to meet our specifications and it's easiest to give them a detailed sheet.

Click here for instructions for your Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser.



Impressions take about ten minutes to cure and are typically very easy to have made. Basically the Audiologist or dispenser will place a little piece of foam in your ear canal to block the soft silicone from going too deep. Next they will fill your ear canal up with the soft silicone used for impression making. Once it cures they'll remove the impressions from your ear canal, check them for imperfections, and then you're done!

Find a local provider to take your ear impression: 

Enter your zip code or city to find a provider near you. If there are no providers close by, please feel free to call us toll free at (855) My-Ears1 (855-693-2771) and we'll find one for you.

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